• January 29, 2019

Cyber security – Why you should use an Internet Content management System?

Cyber security – Why you should use an Internet Content management System?

Cyber security – Why you should use an Internet Content management System? 509 203 IT support Sydney | ZEN IT Support |

Recently, one of the nation’s top cyber security officials has warned that “tens of thousands” of Australian companies may have been compromised by Chinese intelligence services’ hacking of major global technology firms.


That hack may have been sophisticated or simple, but there are simple steps that every business and every individual can take to make themselves safer online.

Cyber security is about risk management. You can’t eliminate risk, but you can strengthen your defences to reduce the likelihood of the risk being realised, and the harm caused when it is.

WFilter bolsters an organisation’s cyber security in a number of ways:

  1. Monitor employee Internet usage
  2. Implement an Internet usage policy
  3. Filter Internet content and block inappropriate access
  4. Detect and block known protocols typically used for malicious or inappropriate purposes
  5. Set alerts for out-of-bounds activity (e.g. a bandwidth alert would be triggered if some outsider obtained internal access without detection and then attempted to upload documents from a server – that would trigger a bandwidth alert which would then be investigated)

If you are running a business then you need an Internet Content Management (ICM) system to identify potential inappropriate usage of Internet by your employees. An ICM system lets you control the usage of Internet and limit usage to business related purposes only. It offers you the protection tools for filtering of content and reporting capabilities.

Your employees need to follow the Internet usage policy to make sure that the Internet is used for business purposes only. Unmanaged access to the Internet often leads to loss of productivity, excessive data usage, inappropriate downloads and risk of viruses and malware.

For the proper management of internet access and usage, you should introduce an ICM system which enables you to track, control and manage internet usage in your organization.  An ICM system lets you monitor all the online activities of your employees including browsing and downloading. It lets you limit the access of internet only to business-related websites which in turn helps you to increase and maintain the productivity of your employees.

An ICM system also gives you the ability to check how much time your employees spend on work and not work related websites. You can also completely block the non-work related websites like sites containing adult content and social media websites.

Internet content management system allows you to monitor the use of chat clients and instant messengers. You can block chat clients and instant messages to prevent the wastage of time and maintain the productivity of your employees. ICM systems can also prevent your employees from downloading music and video files thereby preventing the unauthorized use of data.

An ICM system also protects the company’s valuable data from outside threats and attacks as they prevent your employees from accessing many malicious websites and links. The filtering performed by the ICM reduces the likelihood of employees downloading files containing viruses and malware and protect your computer from cyber-attacks and adds an additional level of protection to your network beyond that provided by your anti-virus client/s.

These are just a few ways how ICM systems can help you. We at Zero Effort Networking offer IT services in Sydney and its surroundings. If you are located in Sydney or surrounding areas, you can contact us for internet management systems or any other kind of IT support.

For more information on internet management systems, please check our website link Zero Effort Networking. You can also E-mail us at info@zen.net.au or Call us at 1300 93 94 95 and we will be happy to assist you!


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