• June 26, 2020

Why use a password manager

Why use a password manager

Why use a password manager 819 507 IT support Sydney | ZEN IT Support |

In my last blog https://www.zen.net.au/the-importance-of-mfa-on-your-e-mail-account, I covered the importance of MFA protection of your e-mail account.  But what about your other accounts?

I favour two approaches for other accounts.

  1. MFA if available, and implemented well and not too intrusive; and
  2. Loooong passwords with a password manager

In a lot of cases option 2 is easier to implement and has no downsides if used with a reliable password manager such as Lastpass.

I personally use and recommend Lastpass in particular, as they have recently upgraded the free account to be accessible on all devices. Meaning a secure password on your computer is also accessible on your phone.

What do I mean by a long password?

Ideally 43 characters. Very very long but with a password manager what does it matter as you will never have to type it. And Lastpass will even help you generate the password:

Using a password checking program gave this result for this password:

Note that I cannot stress enough that it is crucial that your Lastpass account has a secure password that is easy to remember, and that further you have MFA enabled.

ZEN is always happy to help you setup Lastpass or give other security advice, or more detailed information on this article.

Without going into detail, more than 43 characters will not help in most circumstances and as seen in my example there is definitely no need to go further.

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