ZEN IT Support


ZEN Support – A plan you can trust! Want to know more?

Is there a cost to have an engineer visit our offices?

No. Fundamental to our ability to deliver value to your organization is the avoidance of additional costs and your capacity to budget.

Our service is all inclusive and every aspect of your day-to-day IT requirements is fulfilled.

Our Service Level Agreement utilizes a “Fair Use” mechanism to ensure that your general requirements are serviced within the monthly fee, and any additional works that fall outside of this scope such as the development of Custom Applications, or utilisation of our Project Management services are made available to you at a discounted rate.

If we’re having a problem with an application, do we call the Software Company or our Virtual IT Department?

One of the biggest frustrations of organizations is the vague line between areas of IT responsibility and the “buck passing” that results.

In a typical scenario, your office will have several aspects to the IT function made up of your network (including servers, desktop computers, firewalls and other devices) and the applications that your employees use on a day-to-day basis to do their job. Whether it be your accounting software, a quoting system or otherwise, every business has software that is industry specific and this software usually has its own support avenues.

With this in mind, the main question is who do you talk to in the event of a software failure? What can happen is that the IT support provider says the application’s support people are responsible, and vice-versa.

This situation is responsible for countless wasted hours, unnecessary frustrations and a delayed resolution of the actual problem.

ZEN resolve this issue by taking ownership of the entire problem and involving the application’s support company only if required and after significant initial troubleshooting. We work with the provider to ensure a prompt and managed response to the problem, and keep the issue open until the problem is resolved.

The end result is that your staff morale is boosted along with productivity as the resolution is prompt, and only one initial request is required. Potentially hours of downtime and frustration are avoided.

What happens if our desktop computers are down?

Similarly with servers, your desktop computers are the crux of your business. Without them your employees are confined to the coffee room and your customers are condemned to frustration.

The key to ensuring your desktop computers remain online is the continual proactive maintenance of them. With this said, hardware failures, operating system crashes and user errors may occur and how this is dealt with is the determining factor as to how productive your employees are during such incidents.

This is where we come in. Our team in an effort to restore your employee as rapidly as possible will perform an initial remote diagnostic of the affected computer and if unable to be resolved remotely will organize for an immediate hardware replacement, or an on-site engineering visit. If the problem is hardware related, we will even liaise with the manufacturer directly to expedite the repair process and restore your staff member’s productivity.

It’s that simple. We’ll do whatever is required to keep your employees operational completely autonomously. It’s efficient, unbeatable support to your employees that will boost your staff morale and assure unrivalled productivity.

What happens if our Server is down?

While hardware failures are inevitable, we don’t accept that a server failure is an inevitable event. A common misconception is that your network is destined to go down at some point in time, and Murphy’s Law states that this event will transpire at the least opportune time such as Month End, or Monday morning when you weekly orders are arriving.

With the right equipment (with redundant components) and built-in sensors to monitor hardware performance and health, coupled with 24 hour monitoring many issues can be identified and addressed before a server outage occurs.

However, in the event of an anomaly such as a catastrophic hardware or software failure, our team will respond remotely to diagnose the problem via direct connection to your server – or perform an on-site visit to intervene should our initial efforts be unsuccessful.

Can ZEN support my Remote Workers?

Of course! Using our Remote Support Software, we can connect your computer to our HelpDesk, so that we can use your computer as if we were sitting in front of your computer in your office. By doing this, we can diagnose and resolve problems remotely, saving you time and money.

What can I expect from our Support Plan on a day-to-day basis?

We act as your own IT Department covering all day to day functions including to name a few;

  • Monitoring and Testing your Daily Backups
  • Monitoring your Server and Desktop computers for problems
  • Proactively responding to problems remotely or on-site, day and night
  • Regular Security Updates to your Servers and Desktop computers including Operating System and Application Patches, as well as Anti-Virus and Anti-SPAM definitions.

Our service is completely backed by our Service Level Agreement, to ensure we keep our promises. Included in this agreement is provision for the on-going response to ALL of your day-to-day Support and Network Administration needs with no surprises or additional costs.

For full details call us today on 1300 93 94 95.