• May 14, 2016

Why small businesses shouldn’t ignore IT support

Why small businesses shouldn’t ignore IT support

Why small businesses shouldn’t ignore IT support 509 203 IT support Sydney | ZEN IT Support |

In today’s world, where businesses across the globe are dependent on technology, surviving the competition and maintaining a strong web presence are the major goals of these businesses. Manifesting these goals is not easy as there are so many risks involved in this technological business environment. The companies enthusiastically focus their time and effort in developing suitable computers and IT infrastructure.

Normally the start-ups underestimate the importance of Small business it support sydney and often end up in loss of revenue and customers due to data losses and inadequate IT resources. Almost all businesses whether start-ups, small sized, mid-sized or large needs IT support at one time or another. IT issues can arise at any time which needs to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid data loss and productivity.

Here we have listed a couple of reasons why small businesses shouldn’t ignore IT support:

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High Costs of resolution

In the absence of IT support, the problems like network crashes or any IT related issues can put you in serious trouble and the cost of fixing such issues can be considerable. The companies like Zero Effort Networking (ZEN) saves you from such costs and offers fully managed IT services in Sydney and surroundings at an affordable price. Moreover, ZEN’s Pay-As-You-Go system lets you save the extra cost which other companies charge you for the services you don’t use. ZEN only charges you for the services you actually use and for the time when you use them.


When your business experiences IT related problems such as downtime or hardware failure, it takes time to fix such issues if you don’t have an in-house IT team or outsourced IT support. Such situations may lead your business to considerable losses if not fixed in right time. Companies like Zero Effort Networking assist you to survive such emergencies and fix your IT issues as soon as they occur thereby saving you from loss of time and productivity.


IT support provides your business the easy access to expertise and skills. Managed IT support provides you with a team of skilled experts with latest IT solutions, which monitor your systems continuously and fix any problems as soon as they arise. Lack of managed IT support will keep your business away from the latest technology available in the market.

Focus on core competencies

In the absence of IT support technical problems may arise anytime and hamper your daily business processes which in turn may deviate the focus of your employees to IT related problems rather than to the tasks assigned to them. Managed IT services let your employees focus on core competencies in your business.

Unpredictable expenses

Your business may experience unpredictable expenses due to technical problems in the absence of IT support. When an IT related issue arises suddenly, you call an outside IT consultant who charges you more than you pay for a managed IT support service. Moreover, a company like Zero Effort Networking provides you managed IT services at affordable price with their pay-as-you-go system.

When the small business using latest computer based technologies ignore the need of managed IT support, the technology itself can present challenges which cannot be solved without an expert IT support. There are multiple problems that may arise in the absence of managed IT services like data security, network crashes, downtimes, hardware and software failures are to name a few.

Zero Effort Networking offer you fully managed IT support,  ( Small business it support sydney ) setting you free of all your IT related problems. For more information on managed IT services in Sydney please Call us at 1300 93 94 95 or you can also Email us at info@zen.net.au.

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