Get Big Business IT support at SME prices


The information age has enabled businesses and the way that they are structured to change significantly. By outsourcing a whole range of tasks SME’s now have the ability to keep their employees to a minimum and bring in the technical skills that they need when and where they need them.

No longer is it necessary for an SME to have an in-house IT department along with the employee costs, software costs and training costs that come with it.

By outsourcing your IT support to ZEN you can get highly skilled technical support staff utilising state of the art software for a fraction of the cost of keeping your IT support in-house.

Previously it was only large companies and government departments that could afford to build a department that provides this level of support however with latest advances in information technology, ZEN can now offer these services to SMEs.

If you would like to calculate how much the ZEN services will cost you and see how much you can potentially save then try our Cost Calculator.

Let ZEN focus on keeping your IT services running 24/7 while you focus on growing your business.