Virtual IT Support Services

Virtual IT Support Services Sydney

ZEN can become your ‘virtual’ IT department

Here at ZEN we understand the importance of having your systems available 24/7.

We also understand that for smaller clients the cost of having an in-house IT department can be prohibitive.

With ZEN as your virtual IT department the cost of your IT support is quantifiable and will be linked to the number of computers that are being supported. Whether you are a sole trader with 1 computer or a large organisation with 199 we have a solution to suit you.

The ZEN virtual IT solution provides complete IT systems management and support through a suite of software resources and streamlined IT processes. We can focus on your systems while you focus on your business.

Help Desk Support When you Need IT

When something goes wrong or you are unsure of the next step you need a help desk that gives you real assistance. The ZEN virtual IT solution provides you with the assurance that your staff will get the support that they need at the time that they need it. In many cases our technical staff will be able to remotely access the computer in question and address the issue at hand. Having remote access to your systems means that when problems occur our technicians can very quickly diagnose issues or identify problems and start implementing a recovery plan.

On-Site Network Support & Administration

For larger ZEN Virtual IT clients our technical staff will schedule regular appointments to visit your premises and to conduct a health check of your physical network.

This check includes ensuring that local hardware such as routers, hubs, switches, UPSs and load balancers are working correctly as well as checking the health of databases, email servers and web services. Our technical team will review your backup processes and virus protection as well as ensure that your email processes are working efficiently.

For all of our ZEN Virtual IT customers our technical officers will remotely access your network on a weekly basis to check the performance and stability of your network and to ensure that it is running smoothly and efficiently.