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Support Plan

Special offer: One month free on all Support Plan agreements. Offer ends: July 13. Contact us for details.

In the digital age it is absolutely essential that your computer systems are working at full capacity 24/7. If your network crashes, then every minute it is down will cost you dearly in terms of staff costs, lost productivity and potentially lost sales. On top of this a network crash will take your focus off your business. These days having a trouble free computer network is essential for all businesses.

To make sure that your computer network keeps working all day every day ZEN have developed the ZEN Support Plan. Our ZEN Support Plan is your outsourced IT department. All the skills, resources and infrastructure that big companies enjoy. Without you having to employ them full time.

The Support Plan is a fixed cost plan.

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Pay As You Go

Here at ZEN we understand that all businesses are slightly different and may require different levels of support. Your business may not be suitable for our support plan option due to its size or the number of computers utilised.

Because of this ZEN are happy to offer you the option of pay as you go where you pay for our services when and where you need them.

We can assist you over the phone, through our Remote Support technology, or on-site with our engineers. So no matter how quickly you require support, we can help.

Our service rates are structured to offer good value by accruing in 15 minute intervals, so that you only pay for the support that you need.

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