How stable is your Disaster Recovery Plan?

    How stable is your Disaster Recovery Plan?

    How stable is your Disaster Recovery Plan? 509 203 IT support Sydney | ZEN IT Support |

    In the last four decades, businesses around the globe have become more and more dependent on the internet and computer based technology. These days we all are dependent on our phones to remain connected with others and if it is misplaced for an hour, we feel totally lost and disconnected from the world until it is found. But what if the same condition takes place on a large scale especially in a business. If your business is not supported by a disaster recovery solution or plan, you are always at a risk of losing all your business data and important information. Losing data or information can be fatal for your business health.

    Disaster Recovery

    Disaster recovery refers to the techniques of restoration of lost data or infrastructure of systems after a network crash or system failure or any other issue which leads to loss of data. The disaster recovery is one of the most important areas of IT support. As businesses today are increasingly becoming dependent on the internet for running their processes, the need for managed IT support services is increasing day by day.  Businesses in present time are functioning outside their office with the help of cloud computing. People are seen working for their organization from home or any other place such as parks, hotels and trains. With the increasing use and dependence on information technology, the risk of losing data and security has multiplied ten times.

    Many questions may arise in your mind when you think of your current disaster recovery plan. The most important one is that will your disaster recovery plan work in the hour of need. It is not necessary that a plan which seems good will actually work up to your expectations. You need to test your recovery plan time and again to know it’s worth and performance. Testing your recovery system will provide the following insights:

    1. How much time was taken to recover the data?
    2. Challenges in recovering the data
    3. What applications were not recovered as before?
    4. What technique your IT experts used in the process?

    You should consider the following things in your disaster recovery plan:

    1. You should get all the parts of your disaster recovery plan tested by your IT support service provider. Apart from the scheduled testing, your plan should be tested whenever a major change in your infrastructure takes place or whenever you install new applications.
    2. Testing your recovery plan time and again also makes your staff more familiar with the plan. Moreover, it lets you know the performance and effectiveness of your plan.
    3. Make sure your disaster recovery plan is always up to date. If it’s not, you should ask your IT support partner for the latest updated plan.
    4. You should include a list of applications in your DR plan. This list of applications should be a part of the DR plan. Make sure you provide your application list to your tech support provider to include it in your recovery plan.
    5. The DR plan should be tested under extreme conditions and it should be simple and easy to follow under such conditions of emergency and stress.

    You could contact an IT services provider for testing your recovery plan. If your business is located in the Sydney area and you are looking for one of the best IT companies in Sydney, we will be happy to help you.

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