• September 21, 2016

How small businesses can reduce IT costs

How small businesses can reduce IT costs

How small businesses can reduce IT costs 509 203 IT support Sydney | ZEN IT Support |

Technology is upgrading itself with each passing day.  Every day the next best thing replaces the latest technology systems and applications. The latest applications that companies buy for business become outdated within a few months. Keeping your business updated with the latest technology requires time to time investment in technology as the cost of being outdated is far more than being updated. But you don’t need to increase your expenses on IT to remain updated. You can be technologically updated and wise with your business finances simultaneously. Here we have presented some methods to cut IT costs that are usually overlooked by the small companies:

Invest in warranted products

You should buy high-quality hardware and software that comes with a service agreement and warranty rather than buying non-warranted products. Investing in high technology systems is beneficial in the long run.

Subscribe bundled package of internet and telephone

Bundled packages also known as convergence is the best way to cut down your monthly internet bills as you need to pay only a fix price for both telephone and internet. Several service providers offer combined packages for telephone and the internet that includes calling with internet services and web hosting.

Central management and monitoring of back-ups, updates and files

When you manage your updates, back-ups and files, it saves you time and money. It takes much time to take back-ups and update the applications and operating system on every computer that your staff uses. It saves time to save all the updates and backups on a centralized location and it also reduces the risk of loss of data. It may cost you to purchase hardware and software for managing the data from a centralized server but it will save you time and money in the long term.

Acceptable Use policy for your staff

As your employees have access to the internet they may access the internet for personal use. This leads to loss of several hours of daily productivity. Visiting the unauthorized websites may also lead to malware, virus and cyber attacks on your systems and data. It is important to introduce an acceptable use policy for your staff that includes all the rules to be followed by your staff for using office equipment and internet service. You may also use software that prohibits access to unauthorized websites and content.

Regular maintenance of systems

It is always better to prevent the technical issues before they occur than to fix them. This saves you time and money. When your systems stop working it costs you more to fix them as compared to regular maintenance.

Customize a plan for your business

Make a complete plan for how you want to make use of technology for your business. Do you want to automate the daily activities of your business? Do you want the employees at all of your offices to be connected to a common network? Do you want to share the files and documents over your network?

By making a detailed plan and knowing your goals you are less likely to waste money on unnecessary things. Having a plan also helps you make your budget for IT services as per your requirements. This helps you plan your overall budget which is very important for small and medium businesses.

Every company has different goals and different requirements. You may think of many other ways to save money and resources for your company. This depends on your technology requirements and network configuration. Choosing the right IT support provider is also an important part of your business plan.

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