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“ZEN is involved with our company for 4 years now and I can recommend them to anyone. During these 4 years we have worked together and have migrated from an unstable network + stand-alone environment to a robust, stable, safe and secure network that includes our branches interstate and will soon include overseas offices.
From quite a lot of their input at the start we now hardly see them anymore as everything works, as it should. If there is an issue: they are just one phone call or email away and as they have implemented practical solutions in the past, they can now sort out most of these issues remotely. We are experiencing hardly any down time.
The support agreements we have with ZEN meet our support requirements perfectly. When we needed ZEN’s support less, they actually reminded us that we should review the agreement. So, also commercially we feel we have made the right choice with ZEN.”

Marcel de Graaf, Finance Manager, Battery Energy Power Solutions Pty Ltd, Manufacturing of Industrial Batteries, Sydney

That is how I used to think about our system.
Since working with ZEN now I don’t think about it at all – (which is even better than the in between phase of AAAHHHHhhhhhhh)
After an ongoing battle with several “complete solution providers” I had all but given up hope of finding any group that could co-ordinate our network, our system, keep it running, provide both hardware and software install it and support it.
I tried to do it myself, the business grew, I tried to use various tech support – it always ended in tears (bad solutions, dud hardware, costly errors etc etc). In running my own accounting practice I am too busy (and too disinterested in tech stuff) to want to have to manage the network and associated server, etc etc on my own.
A friend of mine recommended some “nice trustworthy guys in cardigans” I was doubtful, I was jaded….I WAS DESPERATE
Ta Da
ZEN were heaven on a stick, and I can prove it. Not only are they super nice (if somewhat blokey):
• They turn up when they say – appointments are made and honoured
• They do what is agreed – they will suggest alternatives if they THINK there is a better answer (yes they do actually turn their brains on and CLEARLY communicate thoughts which is far more than I can say for most tech support we have dealt with).
• They bill reasonably – and in detail so it is easy to itemise what happened and what was charged (they also offer a “subscription” package of monthly payments which works fine for a site like us where there is always something that needs doing).
• They will answer after hours call – “Blue Screen of Death” on the server is not something I want to see on a Sunday morning right before a client deadline, my call was answered and the problem resolved as quickly as possible. I am careful never to abuse this, as I am grateful to know they will return the call.
• They go the extra mile – my website housing platform needed to be changed too.
From spending nearly a week trying to remove a killer virus (one that was so new it had not yet been recognised by our virus software updates) to providing us with cheap printer toner, they have the whole lot covered, under control and managed to a point where I simply check in from time to time, for my own peace of mind.
Yes I am a raving fan, but it is the fact ZEN do such a good job that has made me into one.

Eve Costello, CEO, Sydney Accounting Pty Ltd

“We run both PCs and Macs, and we used to have so much trouble getting our e-mail to work across both platforms. The ‘solution’ always seemed to be ‘buy more, buy more’ and it didn’t even work. A business colleague recommended that we try ZEN. They solved our email problem – they got it right first time, and the approach they took was exceptional value.
We publish weekly newspapers, and network crashes can be a disaster. ZEN has created a very robust network for us. That was over 3 years ago, and we have never looked back.”

Kylie Davis, Publisher, Village Voice Newspapers, Sydney.

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