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Office 365 License Comparison 1024 411 Vaughan

Office 365 License Comparison

With a range of plans for small, medium and enterprise businesses; identifying the plan (or plans) that are right for your organisation can be challenging. This Office 365 license comparison will overview the Business and Enterprise plans available from Microsoft to help you make the right choices for your organisation.

Within the Office 365 plans targeted at businesses there are two plan types:

  1. Office 365 Business
    • Maximum number of users: 300
  1. Office 365 Enterprise
    • No ceiling on the number of users

Office 365 Business

There are three Office 365 Business plans:

Plan Per Month (ex-GST) Per Annum (ex-GST)
Office 365 Business $12.00 $144.00
Office 365 Business Essentials $6.90 $82.80
Office 365 Business Premium $17.20 $206.40

Note: For each user/mailbox in the plan the commitment is now annual, so the monthly rates shown above are for budgeting / comparison purposes only. The ‘Per Annum’ figure is the actual cost and commitment.

The main differences between the three plans are:

  1. The Office 365 Business plan does not include access to Microsoft Exchange (i.e. business e-mail) and as a result for the majority of organisations this plan is not useful and so won’t be considered further here.
  2. The key difference between Office 365 Business Essentials and Office 365 Business Premium is that Business Premium includes both the following desktop applications and the Web versions:
    • Outlook
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Publisher (desktop application only)
    • Access (desktop application only)
  3. While Business Essentials only includes the Web versions (and there is no Web version of Access or Publisher)

So many organisations use a combination of Business Essentials and Business Premium depending on the needs of their user’s and their budget.

For a detailed comparison of Business Essentials and Business Premium plans click here

Office 365 Enterprise

There are four Office 365 Enterprise plans:

Plan Per Month (ex-GST) Per Annum (ex-GST)
Office 365 ProPlus $17.40 $208.80
Office 365 Enterprise E1 $11.00 $132.00
Office 365 Enterprise E3 $29.00 $348.00
Office 365 Enterprise E5 $50.70 $608.40

The main differences between the four plans are:

  1. Like the Office 365 Business plan, Office 365 ProPlus does not include access to Microsoft Exchange (i.e. business e-mail) and as a result is not a useful plan for the majority of organisations. This plan won’t be discussed further here.
  2. Office 365 Enterprise E1 is similar to Office 365 Business Essentials, in that it only includes the Web versions of: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The size of the user mailbox is 50GB
  3. Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E5 are similar to Office 365 Business Premium, in that they also include the desktop applications:
    • Outlook
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Publisher (desktop application only)
    • Access (desktop application only)
  4. However in contrast to the Enterprise E1 and Office 365 Business Premium plans, both E3 and E5 provide a user mailbox of 100GB.
  5. The Enterprise E3 and E5 plans also provide additional “back office” services

For a detailed comparison of the Office 365 Enterprise plans click here

Still have questions about which Office 365 plan (or plans) is right for your organisation? Contact ZEN today for assistance

Comparison of Office 365 Enterprise Plans 1024 411 Vaughan

Comparison of Office 365 Enterprise Plans

Comparison of Office 365 Enterprise Plans

Plan Office 365 Enterprise E1 Office 365 Enterprise E3 Office 365 Enterprise E5
Per user / per month (ex-GST) $11.00 $29.00 $50.70
Per user / Annual commitment (ex-GST) $132.00 $348.00 $608.40
Services included: Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Stream
Additional Services: Power BI Pro
E-mail hosting with 50GB mailbox and custom e-mail domain address
E-mail hosting with 100GB mailbox and custom e-mail domain address
Desktop versions of Office applications on PC or Mac: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint (plus Access and Publisher for PC only)
Web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
One license covers fully-installed Office apps on 5 phones, 5 tablets and 5 PC’s or Mac’s per user
File storage and sharing with 1TB of OneDrive storage
Unlimited personal cloud storage
Company-wide intranet and team sites with SharePoint
Online meetings and video conferencing for up to 250 people
Host meetings for up to 10,000 people with Skype Meeting Broadcast or Microsoft Teams live events
Hub for teamwork to connect your teams with Microsoft Teams
Collaborate across departments and locations with Yammer
Manual retention and deletion policies and manual classifications
Manage tasks and teamwork with Microsoft Planner
Search and discovery with Delve
eDiscovery with in-place search, hold and export
Advanced eDiscovery with in-place search, hold, export and analytics
Guard your mailbox against malicious links and attachments with Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection
Control how Support accesses your mailbox with Customer Lockbox
Auto classification, smart import and more with Advanced Data Governance
Asses risk and gain insight into potential threats with Office 365 Cloud App Security
Advanced personal and organisational analytics with MyAnalytics and Power BI Pro
Make, receive and transfer calls across a wide range of devices with Phone System
Make domestic or international calls from current or new phone numbers with add-on Calling Plan
Create meetings with a dial-in number that attendees can join by telephone with Audio Conferencing
Maximum number of users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
24/7 phone and Web support
Licensed for commercial use

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Comparison of Office 365 Business Plans 1024 411 Vaughan

Comparison of Office 365 Business Plans

Comparison of Office 365 Business Plans

Plan Office 365 Business Essentials Office 365 Business Premium
Per user / per month (ex-GST) $6.90 $17.20
Per user / Annual commitment (ex-GST) $82.80 $206.40
Services included: Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams  
E-mail hosting with 50GB mailbox and custom e-mail domain address    
Desktop versions of Office applications on PC or Mac: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint (plus Access and Publisher for PC only)  
Web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint    
One license covers fully-installed Office apps on 5 phones, 5 tablets and 5 PC’s or Mac’s per user  
File storage and sharing with 1TB of OneDrive storage    
Company-wide intranet and team sites with SharePoint    
Online meetings and video conferencing for up to 250 people    
Hub for teamwork to connect your teams with Microsoft Teams    
Manage customer relationships with Outlook Customer Manager  
Manage your business better with Microsoft Bookings  
Manage tasks and teamwork with Microsoft Planner    
Maximum number of users 300 300
24/7 phone and Web support    
Licensed for commercial use    

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Competitive Internet Plans for Business 1024 411 Vaughan

Competitive Internet Plans for Business

Competitive Internet Plans for Business

 Get cost-effective enterprise-grade connectivity to the Internet through Fibre400 or Fibre1000.

ZEN’s symmetric fibre-optic plans can be tailored to meet your connectivity and business requirements.

Fibre1000 and Fibre400 have ample capacity and can deliver both Internet access and Voice services on the same service. Why is this important?

A number of organisations are presently are paying for two services:

  1. Internet access
  2. Voice services (often via a separate dedicated ISDN line)

By combining Internet and Voice into the one service, you can save money.

Example Scenario

Customer was paying for the following services:

Internet 100Mbps $1,100ex
ISDN 20 (i.e. 20 lines) 850
Call charges 140
    Total Monthly fees: $2,090ex

Compared with Fibre1000

Fibre1000 (48 month term) $ 750ex
16 SIP channels with Premium call package 480
    Total Monthly fees: $ 1,230ex
    Monthly Savings $ 860ex !!

Note: Fibre1000 is 10x faster than Internet 100Mbps. So with Fibre1000 the customer is saving money and getting a much faster Internet service.

How fast is Fibre1000 ?

With 1000Mbps, you’ll be future proofing your business performance. Our customers have been extremely happy with the speed of this product, to understand the speed in ‘real-world’ operations. The size of a typical movie file is: 1,000GB. The time required to download (or upload) this movie with:

  • Fibre400        25 seconds
  • Fibre1000      10 seconds

Technical Specs of Fibre400 / Fibre1000

Feature Specification
Availability Fibre connected buildings subject to Service Qualification
Access Network Fibre
Access Type Multi-Service
Number of Services Minimum 1 | Maximum 4
Services Supported Unlimited Internet – IP-Line with flat rate data plan and Static IP
Ethernet VPN – e-LAN
Ethernet Line – e-Line (v3)
SIP Trunking – PAYG, National IV and Premium IV Plans
Bandwidth Aggregate: 400 or 1000Mbps
NTU Provided
Router Managed Router options available or Customer can provide and manage their own router
Service Level 99.95% availability SLA backed by Outage Restoration targets and rebates
Contract Term 24, 36 or 48 months
Technical Support 24 x 7 x 365 days per year
Business Size Medium business
Affordable Business Continuity for SME’s 1024 411 Vaughan

Affordable Business Continuity for SME’s

Ensuring the security of your data and assets is a crucial concern in today’s digital world. In the event of catastrophe, having a robust backup and disaster recovery plan is key.

ZEN’s Business Continuity offering is a hybrid back-up solution that links your on-premises infrastructure to a secure Australian based Data Centre. This leading-edge technology ensures that your data remains secure and accessible, even in the event of a natural disaster or hardware failure.

Significantly, all data stays on-shore in Australian data centres for additional privacy and compliance, ensuring your sensitive information is protected by Australian law.

Proposed Solution Includes:

  • Purpose built on-site appliance
  • Fully automated backup process
  • Automated snapshots and reporting to ensure successful backups
  • Server sync to the cloud for double redundancy
  • Reduced downtime in the event of disaster –minutes, not days or weeks.
  • Quick and efficient off-site data transfer, even in low-bandwidth environments
  • Ability to run a virtualised server to access vital data – on the local appliance or in the cloud – in the event of failure
  • AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption for data security and compliance
  • Quarterly DR testing (i.e. test restore)
  • Full support by both ZEN and Datto

Our approach delivers:

  • Flexibility to run servers locally or from the cloud
  • Agreed performance and availability targets for your business applications
  • Scalability within our agreements

We are confident that this solution will meet your expectations; we are pleased to offer a 45-day trial arrangement where there is no fee applied if you decide that our service does not match your expectations.

When deciding whether you should consider our solution for your business, ask yourself this simple question:

  • If I wanted to have a DR test performed within minutes, with my existing arrangements, can I do the test?
  • If the answer is No.
  • Then perhaps you should be having a closer look at our solution

Example Scenario

Organisation has a Server with 1,000GB of data to be protected.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO): 15 minutes

Datto Solution
  • On-site appliance (including setup)

Implementation: $3,785 ex-GST

  • 1 Year Time-Based data Retention in the Cloud
  • Monitoring and Support (i.e. to perform restores)

Per Month: $515 ex-GST

We also offer an alternative solution for those organisations who are comfortable with a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 30 minutes – 4 hours.

For more details click here.

Datto Solution in detail

  • We can easily protect any physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux, VMware or Hyper-V, and spin up lost servers in seconds without the need for additional tools.
  • Backups happen automatically based on your schedule to the local appliance, and are replicated to a secure, Australian based Data Centre.
  • Recover granular data quickly from multiple points in time, or use local virtualization, Datto Cloud virtualization – or both – to get back to business in minutes.
  • On-site appliance
    • As part of this solution, we will supply and configure an on-site appliance.
  • Instant Virtualisation
    • Virtualisation refers to the process of creating a virtual version of something, whether it’s a server, storage device, network or application. The “virtual” version acts completely separate from the physical device.
    • With Datto, backups can be virtualized either locally on the Datto device or remotely in Datto’s secure data centre, in seconds, with the click of a button. The advanced web interface allows for configuration of CPU and memory resources. Network resources can also be configured dynamically, allowing for changes to be made without restarting the virtual machine. Even while virtualized, systems can continue a normal backup schedule to both the Datto appliance and Datto’s secure Data Centre.
    • The advantages of Instant Virtualisation are many. Should a business experience server failure, or the like, its systems may be virtualised instantly on the Datto device or in the secure Datto Data Centre, to avoid data loss and downtime. With the systems virtualized in the Cloud, the business may operate “business as usual” and have the time and resources to fix its server issue without compromising any data or incurring any downtime (beyond a couple of minutes)
  • Inverse Chain Technology
    • Datto has developed a smarter backup process, with proprietary Inverse Chain Technology. This eliminates broken chain issues suffered by other clients, using other Disaster Recovery systems
    • Each time a backup occurs data is saved in a universal virtual file format (VMDK). Each of these backups is an independent image enabling you to reduce wasted storage space. Along with deleting snapshots without resetting the chain or dropping a new base image.
    • Since each backup is a fully bootable virtual machine, there is no need for a conversion to occur before performing a restore. With no complicated rollup or restore processes, data is always available immediately both on-site and off-site.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    • Datto utilises Hybrid Cloud Technology to improve redundancy and allow users greater protection of their systems and data. Hybrid Cloud continuity is simple in concept yet robust in feature set; it leverages the advantages of local backup and the security of the cloud.
    • It starts with servers protecting data across the Local Area Network (LAN) to the Datto appliance from there it is scheduled to be transmitted to the secure Datto cloud.
    • This technology improves fault tolerance while reducing the reliance on bandwidth speed. The local Datto device can act as a restore hub for everything from files to applications and system fail over, it can also act as a staging environment for off-site transfer.
    • Scheduling off-site data transfers can be critical for bandwidth management and carries no risk of having unsaved backups. In addition, should the local device be compromised data that was transferred to the Cloud can act as a replica site for the business.
    • A local-only backup option cannot ensure data integrity should a site wide disaster occur.
  • Ransomware detection
    • The only sure way to resolve a ransomware attack is to restore the infected systems, effectively turning back the clock. With ransomware detection and point in time rollback, it’s designed to identify an attack, notify administrators, and recover from these types of scenarios. Within minutes, it can be as if the ransomware never happened. Say goodbye to ransomware and other disasters, and hello to simple preventative measures provided by Datto.
  • Advanced Screenshot Backup Verification
    • This proprietary technology delivers proof that your backup is successful. By taking a “screenshot” of each completed boot process virtually. Datto tests the backup integrity and proactively identifies boot-ability issues through the use of automated scripts.
    • A screenshot alert can then be sent directly to the solution provider, and client if desired to confirm the backup.
    • Testing is taken to a new level with automated live virtualization verification. Datto is able to not only check the integrity of a backup but it actually does a mock recovery, spinning up a virtual machine of the backup to verify that it can be booted in a disaster.
    • Users can receive an alert with the results of the test as well as an image generated from the test.

Solution Overview

Restore demo

Cyber security – Why you should use an Internet Content management System? 509 203 Vaughan

Cyber security – Why you should use an Internet Content management System?

Recently, one of the nation’s top cyber security officials has warned that “tens of thousands” of Australian companies may have been compromised by Chinese intelligence services’ hacking of major global technology firms.

That hack may have been sophisticated or simple, but there are simple steps that every business and every individual can take to make themselves safer online.

Cyber security is about risk management. You can’t eliminate risk, but you can strengthen your defences to reduce the likelihood of the risk being realised, and the harm caused when it is.

WFilter bolsters an organisation’s cyber security in a number of ways:

  1. Monitor employee Internet usage
  2. Implement an Internet usage policy
  3. Filter Internet content and block inappropriate access
  4. Detect and block known protocols typically used for malicious or inappropriate purposes
  5. Set alerts for out-of-bounds activity (e.g. a bandwidth alert would be triggered if some outsider obtained internal access without detection and then attempted to upload documents from a server – that would trigger a bandwidth alert which would then be investigated)

If you are running a business then you need an Internet Content Management (ICM) system to identify potential inappropriate usage of Internet by your employees. An ICM system lets you control the usage of Internet and limit usage to business related purposes only. It offers you the protection tools for filtering of content and reporting capabilities.

Your employees need to follow the Internet usage policy to make sure that the Internet is used for business purposes only. Unmanaged access to the Internet often leads to loss of productivity, excessive data usage, inappropriate downloads and risk of viruses and malware.

For the proper management of internet access and usage, you should introduce an ICM system which enables you to track, control and manage internet usage in your organization.  An ICM system lets you monitor all the online activities of your employees including browsing and downloading. It lets you limit the access of internet only to business-related websites which in turn helps you to increase and maintain the productivity of your employees.

An ICM system also gives you the ability to check how much time your employees spend on work and not work related websites. You can also completely block the non-work related websites like sites containing adult content and social media websites.

Internet content management system allows you to monitor the use of chat clients and instant messengers. You can block chat clients and instant messages to prevent the wastage of time and maintain the productivity of your employees. ICM systems can also prevent your employees from downloading music and video files thereby preventing the unauthorized use of data.

An ICM system also protects the company’s valuable data from outside threats and attacks as they prevent your employees from accessing many malicious websites and links. The filtering performed by the ICM reduces the likelihood of employees downloading files containing viruses and malware and protect your computer from cyber-attacks and adds an additional level of protection to your network beyond that provided by your anti-virus client/s.

These are just a few ways how ICM systems can help you. We at Zero Effort Networking offer IT services in Sydney and its surroundings. If you are located in Sydney or surrounding areas, you can contact us for internet management systems or any other kind of IT support.

For more information on internet management systems, please check our website link Zero Effort Networking. You can also E-mail us at or Call us at 1300 93 94 95 and we will be happy to assist you!


What you need to know about Network Security 509 203 Vaughan

What you need to know about Network Security

Network Security is a concern that must be taken into consideration if you own a business whether big or small. Network security means the protection of your data and network using both hardware and software technologies. You can easily manage the access to your network by using a network security technology.

The cost to recover from a network security breach can be really high for small and medium business owners. So it’s extremely important for small and medium enterprises to consider the network security as one of their top priorities. So what can you do to protect your network from security breaches?  What are the ways to protect your network and precious business data?

Network security offers you various layers of defense for the protection of your data and network. So here I will tell you some of the best ways to protect your network.

Access control

You should limit the number of users who can have access to your network. You need to recognise each user and the device from which they are going to access your network. You can decide which users and devices can access your network and can even impose a limit on their usage.

Antivirus and Antimalware

The second thing you should consider is to install an antivirus and antimalware

software on all your devices. They protect your network and data from worms, trojans, ransomware and spyware. Sometimes viruses and malware infect your network and lie dormant for weeks or even months. The antivirus and antimalware

software not only remove the viruses and malware but also find anomalies and fix the damage afterwards.

Application Security

You also need to protect the applications you use for running your business. Attackers look for the loopholes and vulnerabilities in your software to infiltrate into your network. The application security programs find and close such loopholes and vulnerabilities and protect your network from potential attacks. For example, ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) is a tool used to find vulnerabilities in web applications. ZAP is used to scan the vulnerabilities and perform the functionalities such as intercepting proxy, websocket support, authentication support, smartcard and client digital certificates support.

Data loss prevention

You should make sure that your staff does not send confidential and sensitive information out from your network. You can use a data loss prevention program that will check people from sending, uploading or even printing sensitive and confidential information in any way. A data loss prevention program detects the data breaches, data ex-filtration transmissions and prevents them from happening. A DLP software classifies and protects sensitive and confidential information which helps a network administrator to control what users can transfer over the network. For example, Symantec Data Loss Prevention is a DLP program which is capable of monitoring thousands of users and devices. It has a unified management platform, content detection servers and light-weight endpoint agents for windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Email Security

Cyber attackers always consider email gateways as their top priority for security breaches. You can use the email security applications to check the incoming security attacks and outgoing emails containing sensitive and confidential business data. For example, CipherMail is an open source email security application which supports multiple encryption standards. Scrollout F1 is another open source email security application which offers almost all the features of email server security along with anti-virus and anti-spam protection.

Intrusion prevention systems

The intrusion prevention system checks the incoming network traffic to block the potential attacks. It can block the malicious activities and prevent the suspected viruses and malware containing files from entering into your network, thereby preventing the security breaches and attacks.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Using a Virtual Private Network helps you encrypt the connection from an endpoint to network. A remote-access virtual private network will authenticate the communication between the devices used by your staff and your network. A VPN makes the data pass through secure tunnels and requires passwords, tokens and other unique identification techniques to gain access.

Wireless security

Wireless networks can be less secured as compared to wired networks as there are multiple tools available to hack wireless networks. If someone knows your password he or she can easily infiltrate your network and steal your sensitive and confidential data. So if you are using a wireless network for your business you need to use an advanced protection specially designed for wireless networks. Mostly, WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) type are used for the protection of wireless networks. WEP is less secure as compared to WPA and is more vulnerable to hacks and security breaches. WPA2 was introduced in the year 2004 as an improved and more secure version of WPA. WPA2 uses a security protocol based on Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which is more secure than WEP and WPA.
The ideal solution is that you should look for a company that guides you throughout the process and suits your budget. If you are looking for IT support services in Sydney one such company is Zero Effort Networking which is serving its clients for 20 years in Australia.

For more information on Network Security, please visit the following link – IT Support in Sydney You can also Email us at or Call us at 1300 93 94 95 and we will be happy to help you.

How to use safe Passwords for online accounts 509 203 Vaughan

How to use safe Passwords for online accounts

Today we live in a password dependent world where all the information is protected by passwords. The access to all the information depends on passwords. A password is a secret key to all of our accounts from emails to social media to bank accounts. Whether we want to access our important information or trade online we make use of passwords to login into our accounts.

Password security is the most common problem for security of online accounts. The problem with using passwords is that most of us don’t use strong passwords for our accounts. There are many people who use the same password for multiple accounts. This means if someone hacks your password he may gain access to all of your accounts.

Some people use very weak passwords such as their name, date of birth, maiden name and other easy to predict passwords. This enables the hackers to easily predict your password and access to your valuable information. For example, if your use ‘123456’ or ‘password’ then you put your account at the highest possible risk, because this is what hackers try in their first attempts even before trying ‘password1’ OR ‘password2’.

The best practice is to use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols which are difficult to guess. A hacker can have a look for the information such as your name, address, phone number, the street you live in on your Facebook profile and easily guess your password in a few attempts if you have used any of them in your password.

For more safety, you can create a password of 10 characters comprising a mix of alphabets, digits and special characters. For example, a simple 4-digit password can be created using only numbers with 10,000 possible combinations. Adding one more digit makes the count of possible combinations up to 1, 00,000. Thus, you can imagine how powerful can be a 10 character password that is a mix of alphabets, digits and special characters.

Also, one should avoid using reusing the same password on multiple sites because hackers are aware of the fact that 30 to 50 percent of users use the same password for multiple accounts. Once the attackers are successful in hacking your password they can easily try logging into other sites using the same username and password, the technique being known as “password reuse attack”. Hackers know that people don’t want to remember multiple passwords for different accounts. Not only people use the same passwords, but the same security questions and answers for multiple accounts. Now you can imagine what a hacker can do once he gets your password or security question and answer used for multiple accounts.

You should use password manager programs like Roboform (for Windows) or LastPass (for Windows and Mac). Password managers are programs that let you create strong passwords for all your accounts. You only need to remember the password to access that program or website that manages and stores the passwords for all your sites.

Password managers create and store long and complicated passwords for all your online accounts, thereby offering protection from hackers. Password managers protect all your vital information such as PINs, credit card/debit card numbers, CVV codes, answers to security questions with strong encryption that make them almost impossible for a hacker to crack.

There is no need to remember all the passwords for multiple accounts. You are required to remember only one password that is needed to unlock your vault for the password manager.

Roboform, LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane and KeePass are some of the most popular password managers used today. Some password managers are free to use but some charge you for their services. Some companies offer free basic services and charge only for their premium services.

If you are not sure about password security for your online accounts, you can contact an IT support company. Zero Effort Networking is a company that offers IT support in Sydney and its surroundings for more than 20 years.

For more information on IT support please visit the following link – IT Support in Sydney. You can also email us at or Call us at 1300 93 94 95 and we will be happy to help you.

How small businesses can reduce IT costs 509 203 Vaughan

How small businesses can reduce IT costs

Technology is upgrading itself with each passing day.  Every day the next best thing replaces the latest technology systems and applications. The latest applications that companies buy for business become outdated within a few months. Keeping your business updated with the latest technology requires time to time investment in technology as the cost of being outdated is far more than being updated. But you don’t need to increase your expenses on IT to remain updated. You can be technologically updated and wise with your business finances simultaneously. Here we have presented some methods to cut IT costs that are usually overlooked by the small companies:

Invest in warranted products

You should buy high-quality hardware and software that comes with a service agreement and warranty rather than buying non-warranted products. Investing in high technology systems is beneficial in the long run.

Subscribe bundled package of internet and telephone

Bundled packages also known as convergence is the best way to cut down your monthly internet bills as you need to pay only a fix price for both telephone and internet. Several service providers offer combined packages for telephone and the internet that includes calling with internet services and web hosting.

Central management and monitoring of back-ups, updates and files

When you manage your updates, back-ups and files, it saves you time and money. It takes much time to take back-ups and update the applications and operating system on every computer that your staff uses. It saves time to save all the updates and backups on a centralized location and it also reduces the risk of loss of data. It may cost you to purchase hardware and software for managing the data from a centralized server but it will save you time and money in the long term.

Acceptable Use policy for your staff

As your employees have access to the internet they may access the internet for personal use. This leads to loss of several hours of daily productivity. Visiting the unauthorized websites may also lead to malware, virus and cyber attacks on your systems and data. It is important to introduce an acceptable use policy for your staff that includes all the rules to be followed by your staff for using office equipment and internet service. You may also use software that prohibits access to unauthorized websites and content.

Regular maintenance of systems

It is always better to prevent the technical issues before they occur than to fix them. This saves you time and money. When your systems stop working it costs you more to fix them as compared to regular maintenance.

Customize a plan for your business

Make a complete plan for how you want to make use of technology for your business. Do you want to automate the daily activities of your business? Do you want the employees at all of your offices to be connected to a common network? Do you want to share the files and documents over your network?

By making a detailed plan and knowing your goals you are less likely to waste money on unnecessary things. Having a plan also helps you make your budget for IT services as per your requirements. This helps you plan your overall budget which is very important for small and medium businesses.

Every company has different goals and different requirements. You may think of many other ways to save money and resources for your company. This depends on your technology requirements and network configuration. Choosing the right IT support provider is also an important part of your business plan.

Zero Effort Networking is a professional IT support company which serves small businesses in and around Sydney. It is one of the top IT Companies in Sydney serving clients for almost two decades.

To know more about IT support Sydney and IT services you may call us at 1300 93 94 95 or write to us at

Managed IT services in Sydney 509 220 Vaughan

Managed IT services in Sydney

With the increasing use of computer based technology, businesses today are making use of most advanced technologies to run their business processes. Every business uses information technology and experience hardware and software related problems at some point of time. When IT related problems are experienced there is a need of experts who can handle such problems and fix them in the right time.

What do you think of IT services? Have you subscribed any such service or a disaster recovery plan for your business? If not, I would suggest you think again and subscribe a support service from a managed tech support provider.

If your business is located in Sydney, then Zero Effort Networking (ZEN) could be your dedicated support partner. ZEN offers managed IT services in Sydney and disaster recovery services for every business which uses information technology in Sydney.  Disaster recovery is a service which enables you to recover your data in case it is lost due to a network crash, system failure or any other reason. You must have a disaster recovery plan in order to keep your business data secure as the risk of losing data has increased with the use of technology.

Companies are also making use of cloud computing, virtualization and mobile computing which enables you to save cost. If you use cloud computing or remote access applications, then you can access tech support services or an expert IT support from a distance. A professional team can access your systems and network from their place in case of any issues.

You may keep your own IT staff or you can also outsource the technical services. Outsourcing services to an external company will provide you multiple advantages in terms of cost and efficiency. You can reduce your employee costs and optimize your expenses.

An expert team handles your technical issues at reasonable rates. You have the option of choosing from a variety of support plans as per your requirements rather than employing your in-house staff at a fixed monthly cost.

Moreover, you can focus on your core business activities such as marketing and operations management without having to worry about the technical part of your business like hardware and software related issues.

Your managed IT partner will keep you informed about the status of your systems and applications. They notify you when there is a need to upgrade your software and hardware so that the efficiency and performance levels are not affected due to outdated systems.

Using updated systems keeps your data secure, performance levels high and provides you security for your database. Updated systems also protect your data against malware and cyber attacks. Support providers also offer you discounts on their plans which is an added advantage over taking IT services only in the hour of need.

You can also set up an online purchase system with the help of your support partner which enable you to sell your products or services online and at any time of the day.  Your customers can place online orders for your products or services.  Your tech support partner takes care of the functioning of your website, payment system and also your delivery system.

The advantages of taking IT services from a managed service provider are numerous. It is not possible to mention all the benefits in an article. You can read our other article at our website Zero Effort Networking is one of the best companies offering managed IT services in Sydney and surrounding areas.

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