• May 14, 2019

Anti-virus (AV) – “Site Health” Checklist

Anti-virus (AV) – “Site Health” Checklist

Anti-virus (AV) – “Site Health” Checklist 1024 411 IT support Sydney | ZEN IT Support |

No single anti-virus product should be considered infallible all of the time. We recommend a layered or multi AV approach. Each anti-virus application should have a small “footprint”) (i.e. not be a resource hog).


  • Because Ransomware can be difficult to detect and because the consequences of a Ransomware infection can be so dire; look for strong Ransomware protection in at least one of the AV products deployed. Also look for backup products that protect their image repositories from Ransomware (if your backups are encrypted by a Ransomware virus – then your backups become useless).

E-mail screening

  • E-mail is a constant source of threats:
    • Malicious attachments
    • Embedded images
    • Malicious URL’s
  • Implement an e-mail gateway that can screen all e-mail and filter / quarantine malicious or potentially suspicious e-mail. Effective e-mail screening can block scam e-mails before they reach the Inbox of your staff – thus reducing the risk that you need to rely on the vigilance of your staff to recognise a threat.

We can provide e-mail screening for $4ex per mailbox, per month. No installation or other charges.

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